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DynAMo Partners

Members of the Academy of Finland consortium Main tasks
Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo
Prof. Jari Hyttinen
Ragnar Granit Institute
Tampere University of Technology
Researcher in Charge
Project Coordinator
Tissue identification, tissue impedance analysis,
construction of FDM models
volume conductor modeling
Prof. Raimo Sepponen
Electronics Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
MR-imaging, MR-image facilities
development of new MR sequences
Ballistocardiogaphic measurements
Dr. Jari Järvinen
CSC, Center for Scientific Computing
Espoo, Finland
Computational fluid dynamics;
Parallel processing and visualization.
Technology for videoconferencing
Research contributors in Finland Main tasks
Prof. Rolf Stenberg
Department of Mathematics
Tampere University of Technology
Algorithms in CFD and electric field calculation
Prof. Eero-Matti Salonen
Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Helsinki University of Technology
Fluid dynamics, FE modeling
Dr. Harri Hakula
Department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics
Helsinki University of Technology
Numerical grid generation
Partners from industry and health care Main tasks
Prof. Veli Santomaa
Elctromagnetic Fields and Antennas
Nokia Research Center
Helsinki, Finland
Absorption of non-ionizing radiation
Dr. Juha Virtanen
Helsinki, Finland
Analysis of physiological measurements
towards reliable measurement of
cardiac output
Dr. Väinö Turjanmaa
Tampere University Central Hospital
Tampere, Finland
Clinical trials and applications
International Contributors Main tasks
Prof. Ramesh Gulrajani
Faculté de Médicine
Université de Montréal, Canada
Volume conductor modeling
Prof. Hiie Hinrikus
Biomedical Engineering
Tallinn Tehnical University
Tallinn, Estonia
Electromagnetic radiation interaction
with human tissue,
electromagnetic sensitivity of biological systems
Prof. Jüri Vedru
Biomedical Engineering
University of Tartu, Estonia
Modeling of cardiovascular dynamics
Prof. Olaf Dössel
Institute of Biomedical Engineering
University of Karlsruhe
Fast segmentation algorithms
anatomically highly accurate models
FEM and FDM modeling, surface scanning
ECG inverse problem
Prof. Olaf von Ramm
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Duke University
Durham, NC, USA
Application of ultrasound for assessment of
cardiovascular function and mechanics,
application of ultrasound in model construction
endocardial potential registration
Prof. Robert Patterson
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Volume conductor modeling
cardiovascular system modeling
impedance measurements
Prof. Andrew Laine
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University, NY, USA
Multimodal image analysis
Prof. Martin Arthur
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Washington University
ST Louis, USA
BEM and spherical harmonics series forward modeling
thorax surface scanning
ECG measurements and inverse problem
applications of ultrasound for heart localization
Prof. Robert MacLeod
Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, USA
Computational methods for electric fields,
inverse ECG problems