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This is a Web-version of the book: Jaakko Malmivuo & Robert Plonsey: Bioelectromagnetism - Principles and Applications of Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields, Oxford University Press, New York, 1995.

The contents of the original hardcover book is followed as accurately as possible: The text, equations and illustrations are the same as in the original book. Due to Web-publishing some practical changes and improvements are, however, made:
  1. The page numbering of the original hard cover version is not indicated. The numbering in the Name and Subject indexes is that of the original hard cover version.
  2. All observed printing errors of the original text are corrected. They are listed in the Errata page. Information on other errors is welcome.
  3. Several illustrations are improved.
  4. Several illustrations are provided by magnified versions. They may be viewed by clicking the original illustration.
  5. Most of the illustrations are in full colour.
  6. The following colour code is used in the illustrations:
    • gray  coordinate axis, symmetry axis, zero-sensitivity line
    • yellow  electric current dipole, impressed current source vector
    • purple  magnetic dipole
    • blue  lead vector, lead field of electric and magnetic leads, distribution of stimulating current
    • violet  reciprocal magnetic field, field lines or flux tubes
    • lblue  electric current in volume conductor
    • green  injected or induced current in impedance measurement
    • phosphor  signal on oscilloscope screen

All the material of this Web edition is free for publishing elsewhere. We would appreciate that in connection with republishing it is mentioned the source of origin of the material.



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