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Student Evaluation summary

Bioelectric Signals of the Human Body

by Tampere, in season summer04

20 evaluations entered of 20 expected (= participants).

All data except averages are percentages. For [yes/no] questions, the average lies between 1 (100% no) and 2 (100% yes). For [very bad... very good] questions, the average lies between 1 (100% very bad) and 5 (100% very good). Non-answered questions are not considered in computing averages

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1a) How was the available information about the Course (leaflet) before you decided to apply for it?
  • OK: we should have been informed we would stay in a place with only 2 two rooms and 2 toilets, because in the webpage you didn't mention it and just refered to the lodging as a students dorm
  • good: The information on the local homepage was okay!
  • good: It corresponded exactly to what the course turned out to be and was not boring.
  • good: Unfortunately there was not much information about the leectures.All the other staff was very good!
  • very good: It was complete and very attractive
  • very good: I found almost all the things about the course on the internet in May
{ average=4.2 , OK=20% , good=40% , very good=40% }

1b) Did the practical information (Info Kit) arrive to you in time after you were accepted to the course, i.e. at least 3 weeks before the course?
  • yes: It arrived soon enough.
  • yes:
  • yes: It is very nice that you send the survival guide by mail
  • yes: And this made a good impression to me!
{ average=2.00 , yes=100.0% }

1c) How was the information before the course, after you were accepted ?
  • OK: we only knew the information about the academical part in the last week...
  • good: We got every information we asked for immediatelly
  • good: Specially the one related with transports and the price of some basic needs.
  • very good: The emailing list helped very much!
{ average=4.2 , bad=5% , OK=15% , good=35% , very good=45% }

2) How was the English level of the teachers?
  • good: It was easy to understand them.
  • good: They were fluent in engish but the accent was sometimes hard to understand.
  • very good: Simply a perfect english
  • very good: all teachers were very good
  • very good: It was surprisingly good!!
{ average=4.75 , good=25% , very good=75% }

3) How was the presentation of the lectures?
  • OK: the main professor's performance was outstanding
  • good: Jaakko Malmivuo was the best he made everything very clear.Others were okay too.
  • good: Good presentation by nice teachers
  • good: Every lecture was presented by Power-Point presentations. There also were some practical examples, pictures, photos.
  • good: some teacher were great, some were not so good
  • very good: actually great....
  • very good: all teachers used ppt's
  • very good: Very good power point slides.
  • very good: i love mr. ji!!!!!
  • very good: Jaakko Malmivuo was the best, interesting all the time, and his book is also very useful
  • very good: Everything was presented on Powerpoint and the presentations were very interesting.
  • very good: The ones I saw very good ;)
{ average=4.55 , OK=5% , good=35% , very good=60% }

4) Was the course difficult?
  • no: It was understandable but sometimes it recquired good knowledge in electronhics.
  • no: The subject was difficult,but the teachers told us things that we could understand.
  • no: It was interesting, I learnt a lot of new things.
  • no: The course wasn't difficult for me but some details could be left out so that everyone could follow it.
  • yes: It was but it was interesting specially J.Malmivuos lectures.
  • yes: I had never studied bio engineering before ! But now I've a good background :-)
  • yes: The level of the course was quite advanced but the teachers tried hard to explain everything to the patricipants. Also the laboratories helped me to understand the subject better.
  • yes: but it was worthy!!!
  • yes: maybe it was a bit too dificult for a summer course of 2 weeks and with people with so many diferent backgrounds
  • yes: Some lectures were very specific.
  • yes: that's good
{ average=1.58 , yes=57.9% , no=42.1% }

5a) Did you ask questions to the teacher?
  • no: ( It's my usual habit during lectures )
  • yes: I asked in labworks.
  • yes: many many!!!
  • yes: Not to much but always wehn I didnīt understand something.
  • yes: lots of them
{ average=1.7 , yes=80% , no=20% }

5b) If you did, did you get satisfactory answers?
  • no answer: Other participants asked questions and I think they usually got satisfactory answers.
  • yes: Yes I did, i know much more now.
  • yes: with one exception
  • yes: teacher's really took care about our questions
  • yes: It depended on the teacher.
  • yes: The teachers were very well informed, cooperative and willing to answer any questions.
  • yes: most of them
{ average=2.00 , yes=85% , no answer=15% }

6) Were there any excursions related to the course topics?
  • yes: to Coxa and in helsinki also.
  • yes: And always an enthusiastic reception
  • yes: Excursion to Coxa hospital and institute.
  • yes: but they could have been better...
  • yes: we saw nice and very interesting companies
  • yes: Some of them very interesting but not all the time we could contac with biomedical ingineers and see how the machines were produced or in what conditions.
  • yes: I really liked the COXA excursion.
  • yes: visiting a hospital, and GE in Helsinki
  • yes: Only a few and very brief.
  • yes: short one's
{ average=2.00 , yes=100.0% }

7a) How do you consider the number of lecture hours (including visits, discussions, etc) ?
  • bad: There were too many lecture hours in a row... It's hard to keep concetrated with lectures from 9 to 17 like it happened in some days, with only 1 hour for lunch and some time for the coffee breaks
  • OK: Although there were much lectures I liked most of them.
  • OK: The number of the lessons could be smaller.
  • OK: there could be a bit less lectures and more laboratory sessions
  • OK: But sometimes too much.
  • OK: But the lectures after lunch were very difficult for me.
  • OK: There were too many lecture hours, but the number of the excursions related to the course subject could be bigger.
  • OK: I would love to have more practice excercises (laboratory) insteed of lectures. One day was good, but it could have been more.
  • good: Of course, I can just have an idea, but they seemed reasonable to me
  • very good: In 2 weeks, it's impossible to do better ;-)
{ average=3.75 , bad=5% , OK=40% , good=30% , very good=25% }

7b) Did you have any practical/laboratory sessions?
  • yes: We had 4 labworks and presentations about them.
  • yes: They were very interesting and funny
  • yes: 4 laboratory exercises - very interesting.
  • yes: Very good laboratories with great explanations from the teachers.
  • yes: The laboratory sessions were very good
  • yes: It was the best part of the lectures' hours.
  • yes: It was good to see how to measure ECG, EEG etc. in practise
  • yes: The laboratory work was very interesting. I would prefer to have more laboratory sessions and less lectures.
  • yes: Very good laboratory exercises, but only for one day.
  • yes: all of them in one day, that's why we couldn't fully comprehend it
{ average=2.00 , yes=100.0% }

7c) If you did, what did you think about the connection between theory and practice?
  • good: It was good to see how it is in practice.
  • good: it was very usefull to understand the theoretical part of the course
  • very good: Very good connection and supervision
  • very good: once more great...
  • very good: the connection was very good, as the same teacher did laboratory work and lectures
{ average=4.55 , OK=5% , good=35% , very good=60% }

8) Did you have access to the necessary facilities for the academical part of the course (this could be computers if you needed to write a report, or access to a library if you needed literature, etc.) ?
  • no: Since we had to do such a complicated report on a short time, and the party was not at the technical University, it was quite hard to get it done properly and on time...
  • yes: We could use computers and books also.
  • yes: Wide access to computers ;-)
  • yes: The access to the computers and books was very good. The only problem was that we had too little time to prepare the reports and some of us had to finish them at night after a party...
  • yes: And it was really helpful for the presentation we made.
  • yes: computers all around the university (every night, every day)
  • yes: Very good acces to computers, internet and literature.
  • yes: with some difficulties because of all the locks in Finland;)
{ average=1.95 , yes=95% , no=5% }

9a) Were you satisfied with the planned schedule?
  • yes: The best mixing between summer and courses !
  • yes: I liked teh schedule byt it was hard to get up at 7....
  • yes: Although there were too many lecture hours some days, there were some very good and original activities planned
  • yes: However, i would prefer it a little more flexible.
  • yes: However the schedule could have been a bit more loose..
  • yes: Helsinki day may have been better prepared. We spended to much time with discussing and deciding what we want to do. Maybe if would have been orderd to do the city rally without discusions would be better.
  • yes: lack of free time activities
  • yes: Very much
{ average=2.00 , yes=100.0% }

9b) How were you satisfied with keeping the schedule?
  • OK: In the beginning the schedule was "blurred", but lastly it was always clearly introduced each morning
  • OK: some times i did not want to keep the schedule and do something else that was more appropriate at that time.
  • OK: But mostly it was our foult.
  • good: There was too little free time. Every 15 minutes were planned and we had to hurry almost all the time during the day. But it may also be an advantage - I can't say it bothered me too much.
  • good: In common everything was okay...
  • good: we kept most of the schedule, it was just a pity the organizers were not with us in many activities
  • good: The schedule could have been more flexible in some points...
  • Very good: euh....x ;-)
{ average=4 , OK=30% , good=40% , very good=30% }

10) How were you satisfied with the accommodation?
  • bad: there were not enough showers and toilets, and the boys had to sleep all in the same room that was also the social room and kitchen
  • OK: It was too tight and crowded for the 20 people to move around and 2 bathrooms and showers for all of us was too few. Fortunately we didn't have to spend much time there and besides all the participants were in constant contact so it's an advantage.
  • OK: a little bit less rom ... 10 people with 1 shower is not that much
  • OK: The idea of sharing an house with 19 people is great because we can know everybody really well but sometimes it was a mess specially at shower time. Only 2 showers for 20 people.
  • OK: Twenty people living in the same place was fun but having only two bathrooms made our lives difficult at some points. :(
  • good: Maybe not enough showers
  • good: Athough i would prefer rooms of 4 or five people.
  • good: For the first time it was frightening to live in one flat with 19 people, but after all, i have to say that it was a good idea. We became a perfect group for the end of the two weeks:)
  • good: Bit too crowded, but it was good to be with everybody together.
  • very good: I liked us being all in the same house,everybody together, it was great!
  • very good: we were all sharing one flat, coulbn't be more thrilling!!!
  • Very good: small dormitory, but I liked it!
{ average=3.8 , bad=5% , OK=35% , good=35% , very good=25% }

11a) Were you, generally, satisfied with the provided food?
  • no: with that I mean the food provided by the canteen
  • yes: I'm not difficult ( above all with finnish food )
  • yes: It was really good for me :) I expected to be suffering from hunger but I wasn't! :D
  • yes: too much food actually... :-) just too little organizers to eat it with us
  • yes: Although i would prefer some mediterranean recepies been realised every now and then!
  • yes: I love that we ate a lot of vegetables
  • yes Very good food! Congratulations!
{ average=1.9 , yes=90% , no=10% }

11b) Breakfast
  • OK: More fruits would have been okay, but it was normal.
  • OK: could change a bit ... (e.g. fruits, ...)
  • good: It was ok, there was always something to eat, the only problem was that sometimes we had to eat standing but it's rather the matter of accomodation.
  • good: The organizers were very kind when we asked for more variaty on food.
{ average=3.95 , OK=30% , good=45% , very good=25% }

11c) Lunch
  • bad: Just lunches in the kitchen restaurant were bed because when they were provided by the organizers or in restaurants they were good.
  • bad: canteen food; generally two choises; often I left with empty stomach because I had to choose between bad and worse
  • OK: there should more fruit available
  • very good: It was really great, I'm glad we could choose the food and have as much as we wanted.
{ average=4 , bad=15% , OK=15% , good=25% , very good=45% }

11d) Dinner
  • OK: was very early in the afternnon
  • OK: there should be more fruit available also. And eating sausage so many times ends up being boring at some point
  • good: It was fun that organisers cooked.
  • good: too early
  • good: best memebers were waiting for participants , and then they were eating the rests:) very kind
  • very good: There were many places we ate in but generally the food was good - except for those fast food bars but it happened once or twice so it's ok.
  • very good: There was a variety!
{ average=4.15 , OK=15% , good=55% , very good=30% }

12) How was your communication with the organizers?
  • bad: there weren't enough organizers with us so we couldn't really talk with them, and some of them had some troubles in understanding our complains and concerns (justifing everything with being finish culture it's not a solution... and also, even if we were in finland we were from all over europe so you should try to understand our way of thinking also)
  • OK: some of them were too 'finish'
  • OK: They were not very comunicable with the participants, they rarely had the motivation to come to the participants and start talking to them.
  • OK: often unflexible; almost everything was imposed
  • good: I think I could talk to them and they were nice, Sanna, Marko specially.Others were good too.
  • good: They were quite patient to answer questions if they knew the answers...
  • good: nice devices:)
  • good: Sometimes some organizers (especially co-organisers) didn't know the necessary details of events. But after mid SC evaluation they got better.
  • very good: Excellent with organizers ( and co-organizers !! )
  • very good: but one carried me out from the disco :))
  • very good: there were most organisers with which we had very good contact, but some others not, but that is logical
{ average=4 , bad=5% , OK=20% , good=45% , very good=30% }

13) How were you satisfied with the diversity of the participants' nationalities?
  • bad: three Greeks, two Prtuguese, two Austrians, no Spanish, no Scandinavian
  • good: A good panel of european people !
  • very good: We had the best team.Everybody was great!!!
  • very good: we came along each other pretty good
  • very good: Great variety.
{ average=4.55 , bad=5% , OK=5% , good=20% , very good=70% }

14) How was your relation with the other students during the course?
  • good: good group, we even managed to do the parties by ourselves when needed
  • good: Some participants shoulb be encouraged to be more talkative and sociable so that we could get to know each other more but in general there weren't any actual problems..
  • good: Even thought I am not a cool club person, I had lot of fun with participants and organisers.
  • very good: I liked them all and I had lots of fun being with them on this Sc.
  • very good: Simply the best group :)
  • very good: Really great people!
  • very good: we were a great team!!!
  • very good: made lots of friends ...
  • very good: what sort of "realtion"
  • very good: Excellent I would say
{ average=4.8 , good=20% , very good=80% }

15a) What is your evaluation of social activities?
  • bad: the plans where good, but then in the end the parties and other social activities didn't work out that well because normally there weren't organizers with us, and when there were they wouldn't really be involved... maybe because most of them would only come by once in a while (can we really call them organizers even?)
  • good: The ideas were great.
  • good: Some activities were really great, some just ok, maybe not organised too well.
  • good: some could have been more 'touching'
  • good: There was many of them.
  • good: There were very good ideas but sometimes it was difficult to apply them..
  • good: I became an sauna lover :)
  • very good: social activities are as important as lectures
  • very good: Really interesting activities.
  • very good: Super!
{ average=4.2 , bad=10% , OK=5% , good=40% , very good=45% }

15b) What do you think that was missing?
  • Missing was this;I understand that the organisers were working but I missed them. I didn't know them very well.
    I got to know well only few of them and that made me sad.I would have wanted to know them all better.
  • It was my first sc, so i can't compare with another ; just maybe a lecture about finnish language ??
  • nothing...everything was perfect!!!
  • communication with the organizers and
  • As I already mentioned, there was a bit too little time for ourselves, we were all the time in a hurry. Sometimes we didn't know till the last moments what we are going to do so the organisers should have informed us with more details every day. It's a pity we could see Tampere only from the bus - during the photo rally again there wasn't much time. Besides, when we were divided into groups in order to compete, I think the organisers didn't motivate us enough for the competitions. Sometimes they didn't even know the rules - this refers to the pub crawling. BTW I think this event wasn't a good idea as we had to pay for the drinks and they weren't cheap at all... I also didn't like the idea of the disco in Helsinki, the organisers told us that we have to pay for it only before the entrance, and besides, we couldn't go anywhere else...
  • A little bit of free time and a little bit more sun.
  • alkhool...
  • I didn't know much about Best before I went on SUMMER COURSE, so I didn't know what I should expect
    and as for me it was great
    well organised
    I was supried that I didn't have to pay for anything
    ( also taxi)
  • a proper Introduction at the beginning of the course,
    a better accomodation,
  • More comunication from the organizers and games to unify the group because it is an easy way to get that.
  • organizers and envolvement of the ones available with the participants. Most of the times we just felt most of the organizers were there to have fun with each other and they didn't care about the participants.
    Also some common sense and some sensibility to the fact that the participants came from other cultures. Just because we are in Filand we cannot be expected to do and accept everything in the finish (and sometimes selfish I think...) way of being.
  • Free time, spare time. We were running all day! Of course this was good as we saw many new things, but a little free time to have a rest and then participating to these activities would be helpful!

  • one more toilet in the flat
    some more hours for one day
  • There should have been some free time to visit around the city.
  • 3rd week :)
  • freedom, food diversity, sports except volleyball
  • really nothing
  • we didn't have time to have rest at all,and any free time to do shopping
  • A lack of time and a finished thesis before the start of the course.
{ text field only, no statistical analysis }

15c) Which activities did you like the most?
  • I just didn't like the first night, the get to know evening.Everything else was a lot of fun.
  • Certainly the church-boats, the cottage (great !!) and the Helsinki Day (of course with the ice-pub)
  • international and national days...lectures...parties
  • cottage weekend,photo rally
  • The 'Nurse Party' - really great idea, the International Night, the weekend in the savage cottage with sauna device :))) The sauna party in Coxa last Thursday was also nice.
  • Socialising,travelling visiting lakes, parties.
  • Tampere photo rally, Helsinki day, Cottage weekend
  • excursions
    especially to the coxa
    but I also liked lessons and social program
  • excursions to COXA, and the other companies
    laboratory sessions
    parties of course
  • The pub crawl, the cottage day and the international night.
  • the ones with lakes and forests involved... And the parties with free drinks :)
  • Basically i liked almost all of them, but i liked the most the cottage weekend and the rowing!
  • 1. the cottage weekend,with the fire-heated sauna and the lake
    2. pub crowling
  • The excursion in the cottage, the excursions in general, the pub crawl, the rowing evening and the lab works..
  • Rowing, dancing lesion, saunas
  • quests, boat rowing, city tour, competitions
  • the cottage week end and all the two weeks
  • to hard to say; cottage, hiking, sauna party, international evening, rowing, ....
  • the excursions to the woods,to the hospitals and visit to the city
{ text field only, no statistical analysis }

16) How were you satisfied with the acceptance of your own cultural identity by the other students?
  • OK: people think italy is just for food
  • good: As I sayed before I am not so funny person but they all were very friendly and nice to me.
  • good: only two cases of prejudgement
  • very good: I got along with everybody there. And I liked everybody a lot.
  • very good: I felt really good among the other people.
  • very good: only me greek accent was some kind of a problem
  • very good: there were no problems at all
  • very good: I was surprised about the understanding of all the people what concerned my thesis. It's not evident at all!
{ average=4.65 , OK=5% , good=25% , very good=70% }

17) Would you like to participate in other programs organized by BEST?
  • yes: Ofcourse, I am 100% sure of that;)
  • yes: At least a second summer course
  • yes: Yes, of course! I liked the course very much!
  • yes: of course!!!
  • yes: of course! as soos as possible!
  • yes: For sure!
  • yes: It was an experience that changed my life for the better of course! Now i see things with a much more open mind than before!
  • yes: I would love to but I am not a student any more and also I have been to two summer copurses.
  • yes: if it will possible i will appreciate it
{ average=1.95 , yes=95% , no=5% }

18) Would you be interested in working with BEST organizing such programs?
  • no: Too stressful job, but incredible experience ; so maybe ?
  • yes: Yes, I joined my LBG and I am glad to help them.
  • yes: Yes!!! Actually ;) I'm going to apply to become a member in my LBG soon.
  • yes: I am now doing so!!!!
  • yes: yeah, I would really like to participate
  • yes: It is a challenge to organise such a difficult event.
  • yes: In case my schedule was less loaded I would be glad to work with my LBG.
  • yes: I would like to help organize some events if it will be possible.
  • yes: i really would be interested
{ average=1.8 , yes=80% , no=20% }

19) Other remarks:
  • I would like to say that it was a great course and I really enjoyed it and am inspired by it and now I am "devoted" to my best LBG:)
    Organisers, you were great just talk more with the participants then it will be even better!
  • How is Yogi ??
  • it was really a wonderful time with others partecipants and will be unforgettable for everybody...i'm sure...
  • 1.more people involved in the organization of the course so much souna for the "poor" partisipants-they are not so used to party in it
    3.great ideas, but not enough good organization for them
    4.great educational program
  • We had great time and we learned many many new things. The only thing which could have been a bit better, was the communication with the organisers. Sometimes, only sometimes, they couldn't understand that we are not Finish and we might enjoy oursleves in a different way thsn they do. Eg. we had a better time partying all together, than going to the sauna, boys first, then girls. Or that good music is more important than the sauna to make a good party. Besides, everything was really ok.
  • I hope the winter courses will arrive soon!
  • It was really good!!!
  • Next time please try to be with the participants a little more... It's not nice to feel ignored.
    Also some "organizers" (who in the end didn't organize anything) just seemed to be there not because they were interested in the summer course and it's participants from all over Europe, but because BEST was paying and organizing the parties so they had the oportunity and the excuse to be there and enjoy it with their friends... And that's not a very nice feeling
  • Life-changing experience!
  • The course was generally better than what I expected. There were very good ideas but sometimes the they weren't very well organised. The music during the events wasn't very good and some participants weren't very motivated to show their social skills..
  • Maybe to get better speakers for parties could be great. National evening in student club was very good.
  • well structured acadamic activity
  • really good organisation CONGRATULATION
  • it seems like most of the peolpe know eachother since they were/are/will be organizers in theirown country.try to get more new peolpe who have never been at the summer course
  • Thanks an other time, and sorry about the thesis thing.
{ text field only, no statistical analysis }