Doctoral Education
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Tomi Heinonen:
Applications of Magnetic Resonance Image Segmentation in Neurology
The thesis consists of an overview and six original publications:
Tampere University of Technology, Publication 248, 1999: 98 p. (56 Mb)
  The thesis may also be downloaded in parts:
OV. Overview, pp. 1 - 44. (26 Mb)
P1 Heinonen T, Eskola H, Dastidar P, Laame P, Malmivuo J. Segmentation of T1 MR scans for reconstruction of resistive head models. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 1997; 54(3): pp. 173-181. (6.6 Mb)
P2 Heinonen T, Dastidar P, Kauppinen P, Malmivuo J, Eskola H. Semi-automatic tool for segmentation and volumetric analysis of medical images. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 1998; 36(3): pp. 291-296. (5 Mb)
P3 Heinonen T, Dastidar P, Eskola H, Frey H, Ryymin P, Laasonen E. Applicability of semiautomatic segmentation for volumetric analysis of brain lesions. Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 1998; 22(4): pp. 173-178. (5 Mb)
P4 Heinonen T, Visala K, Blomqvist M, Eskola H, Frey H. 3D visualization library for multimodal medical images. Computerized Medical Imaging & Graphics, 1998; 22(4): pp. 267-273. (5 Mb)
P5 Dastidar P, Heinonen I, Vahvelainen T, Elovaara I, Eskola H. Computerised volumetric analysis of lesions in multiple sclerosis using a new semiautomatic segmentation software. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 1999; 37: pp. 104-107. (4 Mb)
P6 Heinonen T, Lahtinen A, Häkkinen V. Implementation of three-dimensional EEG brain mapping. Computers and Biomedical Research. 1999, In Press. (5 Mb)