Doctoral Education
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Pasi Kauppinen:
Application of Lead Field Theory in the Analysis and Development of Impedance Cardiography
The thesis consists of an overview and seven original publications:
Tampere University of Technology, Publication 272, 1999: 152 p. (22 Mb)
  The thesis may also be downloaded in parts:
OV. Overview, pp. 1 - 61. (18 Mb)
P1 Kauppinen P, Hyttinen J, Laarne P, Malmivuo J. A software implementation for detailed volume conductor modelling in electrophysiology using finite difference method. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 1999, 58, pp. 191-203. (0.4 Mb)
P2 Kauppinen P, Hyttinen J, Heinonen T, Malmivuo J. A detailed model of the thorax as a volume conductor based on the visible human man data. Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 1998, 22, pp. 126-133. (5 Mb)
P3 Kauppinen PK, Hyttinen JA, Malmivuo JA. Sensitivity distributions of impedance cardiogaphy using band and spot electrodes analysed by a three-dimensional computer model. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 1998, 26, pp. 694-702. (0.3 Mb)
P4 Kauppinen PK, Hyttinen JA, Kööbi T, Malmivuo J. Lead field theoretical approach in bioimpedance measurements: towards more controlled measurement sensitivity. Annals of the New York Acadcmy of Sciences, 1999, 873, pp. 135-142. (1 Mb)
P5 Kauppinen PK, Hyttinen JAK, Kööbi T, Malmivuo J. Multiple lead recordings improve accuracy of bio-impedance plethysmogaphic technique. Medical Engineering and Physics, 1999, 21, pp. 371-375. (0.2 Mb)
P6 Kauppinen P, Kööbi T, Hyttinen J, Malmivuo J. Segmental Composition of Whole-Body Impedance Cardiogram Estimated by Computer Simulations and Clinical Experiments. Clinical Physiology. in press. (1 Mb)
P7 Kauppinen P, Kööbi T, Kaukinen S, Hyttinen J, Malmivuo J. Application of computer modelling and lead field theory in developing multiple aimed impedance cardiography measurements. Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology. in press. (2 Mb)