Doctoral Education
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Kari Mäkelä:
Quantification and Calibration of Clinical Neurophysiological Studies of the Visual System
The Doctor of Philosophy thesis consists of an overview and eight publications:
Tampere University of Technology, Publication 177: 1996, 140 p. (54 Mb)
  The thesis may also be downloaded in parts:
OV. Overview, pp. 1 - 66. (28 Mb)
I Eskola, H., Häkkinen V.K., Mäkelä K. and Rantanen K. Quantification and Calibration of Flash Stimuli in Clinical Research. Medical Progress Through Technology 1988; 14, pp. 21-24.(2 Mb)
II Kaukinen S., Mäkelä K., Häkkinen V.K. and Martikainen K. Significance of Electrical Brain Activity in Brain-Stem Death. Intesive Care Med. 1995; 2l, pp. 76-78.(2 Mb)
III Loula P., Mäkelä K., Jäntti V. and Astola J. Correlated noise sources of EEG in anaesthesia: an application of average mutual information based multivariate autoregressive model. In: Proceedings of the Second Ragnar Granit Symposium: EEG and MEG signal analysis and interpretation. Tampere, Finland, November 22 - 23, 1993. Hyttinen J. and Malmivuo J. (eds.) Tampere University of Technology 1993; Report 6(7), pp. 27-32.(4 Mb)
IV Mäkelä K., Eskola H. and Koskinen M. Photic Stimulus Parameter Determination and Quantitative Assesment with a View of Establishing Standard Methodologies in Electroretinography. Med. & Biol. Eng. & Comp. 1985; 23(2), pp. 1062-1063.(2 Mb)
V Mäkelä K., Hartikainen K., Rorarius M. and Jäntti V. Suppression of F-VEP during Isoflurane induced EEG suppression. Electroenceph. Clin. Neurophys. 1996; 00: 00.(4 Mb)
VI Mäkelä K., Hölttä V., Jääskeläinen S., Könönen M. and Jousmäki V. Interhospital comparison of Ganzfeld ERG photostimulators. Electroenceph. Clin. Neurophys. 1996;00: 00.(2 Mb)
VII Mäkelä K., Häkkinen V. and Rae R. Use of LED-based visual stimulator in routine ERG- and flash-VEP studies. Med. & Biol. Eng. & Comp. 1991;29(2), p. 1078.(0.3 Mb)
VIII Mäkelä K. Anaesthesia, Visually Evoked Potentials and EEG- a Review. Tampere University of Technology, Ragnar Granit Institute 1994; Report 4(8), 27 p.(10 Mb)