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Discipline and Book on Bioelectromagnetism

Bioelectromagnetism is a new discipline. The word "Bioelectromagnetism" was first used in the title of the book written by Jaakko Malmivuo and Robert Plonsey in 1995. This discipline is defined as follows:

Bioelectromagnetism is a discipline that examines the electric, electromagnetic and magnetic phenomena which arise in biological tissues.

Info on the Book

Book on Bioelectromagnetism

Education on Bioelectromagnetism

In 1976 Professor Jaakko Malmivuo started the education at Tampere University of Technology under the title "Bioelectric Phenomena". In 1993 the title of the education was changed to "Bioelectromangetism". Since 1985 he has also lectured Bioelectromagnetism semi-annually at Helsinki University of Technology. Since 1991 all the education has been given in English.

Professor Jaakko Malmivuo has also lectured in several universities and preconference courses in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and China. Bioelectromagnetism education is, of course, also given by several other teachers in other universities worldwide.

BEM Education

International Society for Bioelectromagnetism, ISBEM

International Society for Bioelectromagnetism, ISBEM, was established in 1996 on the initiative of Professor Jaakko Malmivuo, who also served as the first President of the society for 1996-2000.

The Purpose of the International Society for Bioelectromagnetism is to promote the advancement of the science of Bioelectromagnetism and in furtherance thereof:

    - To facilitate the dissemination of new knowledge in bioelectromagnetism
    - To encourage new research in bioelectromagnetism
    - To sponsor International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism
    - To assist with satellite meetings related to bioelectromagnetism by promoting meetings, lectures, discussions, seminars, conferences and by any other appropriate means.


International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism, ICBEM

The series of International Congresses on Bioelectromagnetism started in 1996 in Tampere, Finland in connection to the 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering. Professor Jaakko Malmivuo served as President of the 1st ICBEM.

The list of ICBEM's is as follows. More detailed information you find from the ISBEM Web pages:

    - 10th ICBEM, Tallinn, Estonia, 16.-18.6.2015
    -  9th ICBEM, Geneva, Switzerland, 5.-8.9.2013
    -  8th ICBEM, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 13.-16.5.2011
    -  7th ICBEM, Rome, Italy, 29-31.5. 2009
    -  6th ICBEM, Aizu, Japan, 16.-19.10.2007
    -  5th ICBEM, Minneapolis, USA, 12.-15.5.2005
    -  4th ICBEM, Montreal, Canada, 2-6.6.2002
    -  3rd ICBEM, Bled, Slovenia, 8-12.10.2000
    -  2nd ICBEM, Melbourne, Australia, 15-19.2.1998
    -  1st ICBEM, Tampere, Finland, 9-13.6.1996

International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM

On the initiative of Professor Jaakko Malmivuo, the ISBEM established in 1999 the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM. It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of bioelectromagnetism. It is available on the Internet free of charge to all persons interested. A printed version of the Journal is also available.

Professor Jaakko Malmivuo served as Editor in Chief for the Journal during 1999-2006.
Since 2007 as Editor-in-Chief has served Professor Kazuo Yana from Hosei University, Japan.
Since 2017 Co-Editors-in Chief have served Fabio Babiloni, University of Rome, Italy, Panagiotis Bamidis, Aristotle University, Greece and Kazuo Yana, Hosei University, Japan.
Professor Jaakko Malmivuo was again appointed as Editor-in-Chief for 2020-2023.
For the same period Prof. Martin Arthur was appointed as Co-Editor-in-Chief.


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