Tentative schedule

DateTimeCourse Program
Th 8.4.201012.00Registration
 12.20-12.30Professor Jaakko Malmivuo: Welcome
 12.30-13.30Introduction, History of Bioelectromagnetism
 13.30-14.30Subthreshold membrane phenomena
 14.30-14.45Coffee break
 14.45-16.00Active behavior of the membrane
 14.45-16.00Synapse, receptor cells and brain
 16.00-17.00The heart
 17.00-18.00Volume source and volume conductor
Fr 9.4.201009.00-11.00Theoretical methods for analyzing volume sources and volume conductors
 11.00-12.00Theory of biomagnetic measurements
 12.00-13.00Lunch break
 13.00-14.30Electro- and magnetoencephalography
 14.30-15.3012-lead ECG and VCG systems
 15.30-15.45Coffee break
 15.45-17.00Electric and magnetic stimulation
 17.00-18.00Impedance methods
 18.00End of the course