Paul L. Nunez
Electric Fields of the Brain


      1 	The Physics-EEG interface
      2 	An overview of electromagnetic theory
      3 	Electric fields in biological tissue
      4 	Current sources in a homogeneous medium
      5 	Current sources in inhomogeneous media
      6 	EEG recording, electrode placement, and aspects of generator localization
      7 	Temporal and spatial properties of EEG
      8 	Time dependence in neural circuits
      9 	Wavephenomena
    10 	Brain vawes: a theoretical and experimental basis
    11 	Normal modes of the brain: neuroanatomical basis and a physiological theoretical model
     A	Introduction to calculus on vector fields
     B	Quasistatic formulation of Maxwell's equations and illustrative numerical estimates
     C	The membrane diffusion equation
     D	Point source in a five-layered plane medium
     E	Single dipole or dipole layer inside concentric spheres
     F	Solutions to the brain wave equations in one dimension
     G	Linear operators on the multichannel data matrices
     H	The solution of the normal mode equation