Tampere University of Technology
Ragnar Granit Institute
Doctoral Seminar on Bioelectromagnetism

The seminar starts on Thursday February 7th, 2008.
Seminar hours: Thursdays10-12 o'clock 

György Buzsáki

Rhythms of the Brain

Oxford University Press, New York, 2006. 448 p.

1: Introduction Katrina Wendel  7.2.
2: Structure Defines Function Alper Cömert14.2.
3: Diversity of Cortical Functions Is Provided by Inhibition Maija Laurila14.2.
4: Windows on the Brain Asta Kybartaite21.2.
5: A System of Rhythms: From Simple to Complex Dynamics Fikret Emre Kapucu21.2.
6: Synchronization by Oscillation German Gómez-Herrero28.2.
7: The Brain's Default State: Self-Organized Oscillations in Rest and Sleep Michael Osadebey28.2.
8: Perturbation of the Default Patterns by Experience Tobias Hidalgo Stitz  6.3.
9: The Gamma Buzz: Gluing by Oscillations in the Waking Brain Katrina Wendel  6.3.
10: Perceptions and Actions Are Brain-State Dependent Asadul Hague27.3.
11: Oscillations in the "Other Cortex": Navigation in Real and Memory Space Alper Cömert, Asta Kybartaite27.3.
12: Coupling of Systems by Oscillations Michael Osadebey  3.4.
13: Tough Problems Andrei Jakab  3.4.