Arthur W. Toga & John C. Mazziotta (eds.)

Brain Mapping, The Systems

Academic Press, San Diego, California, 650 p., 2000.

    I   Types of Maps
      1 An Introduction to Maps and Atlases of the Brain 2 A Brief History of Human Functional Brain Mapping 3 A History of Neuroanatomical Mapping 4 Functional Maps and Brain Networks 5 A Propabilistic Approach for Mapping the Human Brain
    II   Maps by Location
      6 Mapping Prefrontal Cortical Systems for the Control of Cognition 7 Mapping the Basal Ganglia 8 Cerebellum and Brainstem
    III  Functional Systems
      9 The Human Visual System 10 The Somatosensory System 11 The Human Motor System 12 Functional and Structural Imaging of the Human Auditory System 13 Functional Imaging of the Chemical Senses 14 Investigating Language with Functional Neuroimaging 15 Attention and Sensorimotor Integration 16 Brain Mapping: The Applications 17 Mapping Human Cognition 18 Neural Systems Activated during Visual Mental Imagery
    IV  Dynamic Systems
      19 Maps of Brain Development 20 Human Aging 21 Human Learning 22 Plasticity of the Adult Human Brain