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Ragnar Granit Institute
Doctoral Seminar on Bioelectromagnetism

Arthur W. Toga & John C. Mazziotta (eds.)
Brain Mapping, The Systems
Academic Press, San Diego, California, 650 p., 2000.
I Types of Maps
1 An Introduction to Maps and Atlases of the BrainRobert Herda27.1.
2 A Brief History of Human Functional Brain MappingHarry Frey27.1.
3 A History of Neuroanatomical MappingKatrina Wendel3.2.
4 Functional Maps and Brain NetworksAntti Saastamoinen3.2.
5 A Propabilistic Approach for Mapping the Human BrainGerman Gomez Herrero10.2.
II Maps by Location
6 Mapping Prefrontal Cortical Systems for the Control of CognitionJussi Virkkala10.2.
7 Mapping the Basal GangliaTomi Hasu17.2.
8 Cerebellum and BrainstemMichal Mesco
Tobias Hidalgo Stits
III  Functional Systems
9 The Human Visual SystemAntti Lahtinen3.3.
10 The Somatosensory SystemGerman Gomez Herrero3.3.
11 The Human Motor SystemTomi Hasu10.3.
12 Functional and Structural Imaging of the Human Auditory SystemSami Savio10.3.
13 Functional Imaging of the Chemical SensesMikko Koivuluoma17.3.
14 Investigating Language with Functional NeuroimagingRain Ferenetes31.3.
15 Attention and Sensorimotor IntegrationAntti Tukiainen24.3.
16 Brain Mapping: The ApplicationsRobert Herda24.3.
17 Mapping Human CognitionKatrina Wendel31.3.
18 Neural Systems Activated during Visual Mental ImageryAtte Joutsen17.3.
IV  Dynamic Systems
19 Maps of Brain DevelopmentBarna Laurentiu7.4.
20 Human AgingAntti Tukiainen7.4.
21 Human LearningCorina Popescu14.4.
22 Plasticity of the Adult Human BrainAntti Kulkas14.4.